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Ankers Leaning Center

The Brandy Station Foundation is proud to announce the opening of the recently renovated media room named in honor of Doc & Dot Ankers.

 The Learning Center contains the Brandy Station Foundation library that was created initially by the generous donation of Doc & Dot Ankers. Since then, numerous friends have also made contributions. Volunteers for the foundation continue to research existing, and add new,  information regarding the battle, the Federal winter-encampment and genealogy.  In the future, we hope to add a computer with Internet access and work space for researchers.

A special feature is a film produced by the Culpeper television studio of Bradley and Gaige. This twelve-minute video provides an introduction to visitors on the history of the Graffiti House and the Battle of Brandy Station.

The Brandy Station Foundation would like to thank the Town & County of Culpeper, Mr. Doc Ankers, Al Gaige & Jeri Bradley of B&G TV, and IBM for their assistance in creating this room that provides an enjoyable experience for visitors to Culpeper.

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