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Brandy Station Foundation

Annual Report




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Brandy Station Foundation

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President’s Letter

                                                                 January 1, 2007

Dear Friends,

I am happy to report that the Brandy Station Foundation (BSF) has had another very good year in 2006 – but not without a few bumps on the road to success!

Relative to the preservation of historic lands, we were able to successfully complete the purchase of 8.0 acres of battlefield land at Kelly’s Ford as well as assume stewardship, through a lease, for the historic St. James Church site (2.0 acres) on the Brandy Station battlefield.

We initiated a new battlefield tour program - a horse riding tour, and experienced the highest battlefield tour program numbers since we began our programs in 2003.  At the Graffiti House we had an all time record high of visitors (2661), up over 30% from 2005.

We submitted three new grant proposals – but unfortunately our 2006 plan to upgrade the Gregg’s Approach part of the battlefield was delayed when our 2005 grant submission was not selected by the Commonwealth of Virginia Transportation Enhancement Grant Program.  The consequence of this action will be to delay for a year any meaningful work on this section of the battlefield.  Moreover, although we had been selected for grants in 2005 to assist in the purchase of two pieces (Gregg’s Approach and Kelly’s Ford) of battlefield land, as of this writing we still have not received all the money promised.  As a result of these delays, we are incurring extraordinary interest charges on the unpaid bank loans which have greatly compromised our financial flexibility.  We have learned from these sometimes bittersweet experiences and will be smarter in the future.

Additionally, we have become aware of significant deterioration of the walls within the Graffiti House upon which significant pieces of graffiti have been written.  We have developed a plan to begin a restoration process – but the plan depends heavily upon winning grant funding – a prospect which is fraught with risk and considerable time delays in implementation.

Bumps in the road notwithstanding, the BSF has truly had a great year with great accomplishments - thank you, one and all, for your support.

Bob Luddy


Brandy Station Foundation



Brandy Station Foundation (BSF) Annual Report

Year 2006


The Foundation is composed of members who are committed to the inspiration of current and future generations to honor the sacrifices of the past by the creation of a living battlefield memorial.  It is this membership, represented by the elected leaders on its Board of Directors and appointed Advisory Panel, which forms the heart of the Foundation. During 2006, our membership grew by 10% to 483 members; this includes a 19% growth within our home base of Culpeper County, Virginia.

Membership Percentages


Board of Directors

Executive Council: President – Robert Luddy, Vice-president – Ed Gentry, Treasurer – Robert Jones,  Secretary – Mary Tholand

Board members: Michael Block, Jane Brookins, Wally Bunker, Steve Dunn, Della Edrington, Helen Geisler, Rich Gossweiller, Brad Hansen, Gardiner Mulford, Carl Sachs, Anthony Seidita, and Gary Wilson


The resources of the BSF consist of five pieces of property - the Graffiti House, the (1 acre) lot on Old Brandy Road, Gregg’s (Wyndham’s) Approach (14 acres), the Fleetwood Hill Overlook (18.9 acres), the Kelly’s Ford Overlook (8 acres) and the financial holdings shown within Appendix A-1.  Additionally, the BSF has leased and maintains a 2 acre site encompassing the St. James Church.

Strategic Goals

The Board of Directors has identified four strategic goals which focus all of the activities of the BSF.  These are:

  1. Conserve, protect and nurture the historic rural character of the Brandy Station area;

  2. Preserve and protect the Brandy Station Battlefield and related sites of historical significance for the appreciation and education of future generations;

  3. Recognize the courage and dedication of soldiers who fought and served here; and

  4. Advance knowledge and understanding of the history of the battles, the region and its environment.

2006 Accomplishments towards the Strategic Goals

    Historic Preservation

Land PurchaseThe BSF purchased 8.0 acres of land located adjacent to the Kelly’s Ford on the Rappahannock River.  This land was the location of fighting during the March 17, 1863 and November 7, 1863 battles as well as the transient point for Federal troops under General David Gregg during the June 9, 1863 Battle of Brandy Station.  The land will be cleaned, trails established and signage erected for public education of the history of the Kelly’s Ford area.

The BSF leased the historic St. James Church Site (2.0 acres) from the Vestry of the Christ Episcopal Church of Brandy Station for a base period of five years with renewable options for three option periods of three years each.  The land will be cleaned, trails established and signage updated.

Interpretation – Several new names were discovered at the Graffiti House walls in 2006.The most notable of these was J.E.B. Stuart   Other names included  two members of the Norfolk Light Artillery (Edward Morland and Bob Lewis), John Garnett of Garnett’s Battalion and E. Kelly.  Additionally,an existing drawing was completed with the revelation of a facial structure.

Grants – No new grants were won during 2006, however three additional grants were filed:

  • A grant request was filed with the Commonwealth of Virginia which, when approved by the State, will provide $80,000 of funding to improve the Gregg’s (Wyndham’s) Approach battlefield tract

  • A grant request was filed with the Commonwealth of  Virginia which when approved will provide $44,000 of funding for capital improvements and operating expenses at the Graffiti house.

  • A grant request was submitted to the Virginia Department of Historic Resources for $5800 to evaluate the present condition of the graffiti house, and develop recommendations for the restoration and preservation of both the house and the graffiti contained within.

We should be notified in the spring of 2007 as to our success/failure with these applications.  If the grants are awarded to the BSF, we will be required to raise matching funds.


Donations were received from several people during 2006.  These donations were:

  1.  Wayne Mills donated a complete set (128 volumes) of the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion;

  2. Frank Weston donated a  Confederate $5.00 bill ;

  3. Karyl Mattix donated a  video tape of the Graffiti House as it appeared in 1993;

  4. Bruce Cornett donated replacement spindles (for the staircase) which were then  refinished by Tucker Morris;

  5. Bud Hall donated a portrait of JEB Stuart by Michael Gnatek, Jr. and

  6.  Mr. Shannon Pritchard donated two books Collecting the Confederacy

   Educational Excellence

Attendance – In 2006 visitation at the Graffiti House rose to 2661; an increase of approximately 33% over 2005.

The Ankers Learning Center was dedicated in the Graffiti House.  The Learning Center, named after longtime Brandy Station residents and friends, Dot and Doc Ankers, features books, papers and other research  materials related to the Brandy Station battlefield and area.  The Center also features a large screen TV for showing movies.

School Groups – The Graffiti House was visited by several student and teacher groups during the year.  Students came from Fauquier County High School, Liberty High School, Culpeper High School and home schoolers.

Eagle Scout Programs – The BSF partnered with Scott Minter to assist him in obtaining his Eagle Scout rank.  He constructed a picnic area next to the Graffiti House parking area. The project concluded in the summer of 2006.

Battlefield Tours – Joe McKinney and Gary Wilson led sixteen (16) foot tours conducted from spring to fall on segments of the battlefield - about ninety (90) people attended (An increase of almost 50% from 2006). We also initiated a new battlefield tour program – a horse riding tour and cumulatively we experienced the highest battlefield tour program visitation since we began our programs in 2003.

Bus Tours – Eleven (11) bus tours were conducted during this year enabling two hundred forty one (241)  people to tour the Graffiti House.  One of the tours was composed of Congressional staff members.

Speaker Series – The BSF sponsored a speaker series at the Graffiti House on the last Sunday of each month from June through October 2005. Five (5) speakers lectured and the cumulative attendance was in excess of one hundred forty four (144) people.

Outreach Events – The BSF sponsored and attended several events during the year to advertise the significance of the history of the Brandy Station area.  The events included the Culpeper Remembrance Days (April), the Culpeper Festival (June), the Beaumont Concert Series (July)      and Culpeper Days (August).  Additionally, BSF co-sponsored a Chamber of Commerce Mixer, a historic home tour with the Culpeper Museum, a concert with the Friends of Cedar Mountain, and a book signing with the Corner Shelf Bookstore in Culpeper.

Outside Lectures – BSF members spoke at several venues in Virginia and Maryland boosting Culpeper, the Brandy Station Battlefield, and the Graffiti House. These speaking engagements were to local Civil War Round Tables, Son’s of Confederate Veterans’ groups, a Chamber of  Commerce Joint Legislator’s Breakfast, the Culpeper Country Club and church.


Media – BSF volunteers and Bradley and Gaige television produced a 12 minute video that was shown on Channel 23.  The Graffiti House was prominently featured in a Public Broadcasting System documentary (“Great drives” by Michael Rose) and in the Journey Through Hallowed Ground travel guide.  The Graffiti House was also accepted as a member of the Time traveler program.

   Special Friends

Special thanks are extended to the following supporters who have been true friends to the BSF during this past year: Rev. William Aitcheson, the 1st Stuart Horse Artillery, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Beattie, Beth Bunch, Bill Chase, Joe Daniel, Dick DeiTos, John DePue, the Fairfax Rifles, Susan Gray and the staff at the Fairfax Museum, Mr. and Mrs. Angus Green, Bud Hall, Chris Heisey, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kearney, Robert E. Lee IV, Karyl Mattrix, Ron Mitchell, Virginia Morton, Cal Perkins, Shannon Pritchard, Little Fork Rangers, Evergreen Shade, Don Tharpe, Richard Watts, Frank Weston, Prince Michel Winery, Rogers Ford Winery, and Bob Yeaman.

I also want to thank our volunteer corps without whose help and support the BSF would not have been able to accomplish any of our important activities in 2006.

 Plans for 2007

   Kelly’s Ford

The BSF will develop a plan for the full historic and tourist potential of this property through historic preservation, signage, interpretative displays and walking paths.  The plan will be partially financed through the submission and obtaining of a grant request in 2007 to the Commonwealth of Virginia. The project will entail the construction of an entrance from State Road 620 to enter a 50X100 foot parking area.  A  series of historical markers and maps will  be erected on an overlook facing the Rappahannock River detailing the history of the land  emphasizing developments within a pre-colonial phase, colonial and early 19th century phase and last, a Civil War phase. Special emphasis will be given to the remnants of the Rappahannock River canal system and the remnants of the industrial center of Kellysville.

   St. James Church

The BSF will develop the full historic and tourist potential of the property while honoring the sacred religious nature of the site.  The BSF will develop a historic plan for the property, clean out natural debris and erect appropriate signage.

   Fleetwood Hill Overlook

The BSF will develop a plan for the integration of the 18.9 acres of newly purchased land located at the western foot of Fleetwood Hill with the existing 14.0 acres (Gregg’s Approach) into a visitor friendly battlefield park. Once the plan is developed, the BSF will work to establish signage, Interpretative displays and walking paths.  Much of the above activity will be funded by the approval in 2007 of the grant application submitted in 2006. (The funding will arrive in calendar 2008.)

   Graffiti House

Using the funding provided by a successful grant application filed in 2006, the BSF will conduct a thorough evaluation of the Graffiti House The product of the evaluation will be a plan for the protection and preservation of the House and its graffiti.  This plan will then be used as the foundational document for the obtaining of necessary funding for the preservation of the Graffiti House.

   Graffiti House Attendance

The BSF will increase its attendance with a goal of 3000 visitors in 2007.

   Battlefield Tours

A new series of battlefield tours will be initiated – river tours.    River tours will use canoes to tour historic ford sites along the Rappahannock River.

   Living Histories

A Living History Program will be established during the summer months.


Financial Holdings


Opening Balance:
















Petty Cash


















2006 Activity 





















Income minus Expenses: 













Closing Balance:
















Petty Cash


















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