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Text Box: The Brandy Station Foundation, along with the Germanna Community College will host a Symposium on the Great Union Winter Encampment on March 24, 2007.  
We invite proposals for papers or other presentations on any aspect of the Winter Encampment or events that took place in and around Culpeper County during the winter of 1863-64.  
Papers and presentations will be 45 minutes long, followed by a brief question and answer session.
Submission must be postmarked by: Monday November 27, 2006.  
All submissions must contain a cover letter including the name and contact information of the presenter and the title of the proposed paper or presentation.  The proposal itself should be no more than 750 words and should not include the name or institutional or professional affiliation of the presenter. The proposal should also include what type of resources would be needed.  Please include four copies of the proposal.
Submission of proposal does not guarantee presentation.
Please mail submissions to the Brandy Station Foundation address below.

Text Box: Preserving the past, protecting the future