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You are Invited to Learn About
Civil War Medicine at the Graffiti House

When: Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 3:00 PM
Where: Graffiti House (Click for directions)
Reservations: Not Necessary
Price: Donations to Support the Graffiti House appreciated
Presented by: Volunteers with the National Museum of Civil War Medicine

1)   Surgeons & Field Hospitals

Surgeons often worked long hours following battles such as the Battle of Brandy Station in field hospitals near the battlefield.  Field hospitals were set up a few miles from the actual battle area in homes, barns, and tents to provide care to wounded soldiers.  The most common operation performed in the field hospitals was an amputation.  Come see how amputations were done and learn about what it was like to be a surgeon during the Civil War. 

2)   Soldier Life Camps & Diseases

When not in battle soldiers spent their time in camps.  Many soldiers camped in and around the Graffiti house during the Battle of Brandy Station.  Come learn about what soldiers did in camp and the challenges they faced, especially from problems with sanitation, diet and insects, all of which led to high rates of disease in camps.

3)   Homefront

Civilians during the Civil War assisted with the war effort in a variety of ways.  From knitting socks, to making quilts, to rolling bandages civilians worked to provide for the needs of the soldiers.  When in areas near a battlefield, such as Culpepper and Brandy Station, they often found themselves facing the horrors of war directly, both from the devastation to their homes and also in providing direct assistance either to the wounded or those assisting in the care of the injured from the battlefield.  Come discover more and learn to roll bandages, like those used during the Civil War.

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