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Graffiti House - 150th Birthday Dinner,  April 18th, 2008


One hundred and fifty years ago, in 1858, the Graffiti House was built in Brandy Station.  A few years later soldiers passed through the village and scribbled on the walls of this brand new house!  After the War, the walls were painted and the Graffiti was forgotten.  During the 150th Graffiti House birthday celebration, the Brandy Station Foundation will present a chronology of the house, beginning with how it was built beside the Orange and Alexandria Rail Road.  

To assist with the telling of this tale, we have invited descendants of some soldiers who left their mark on the wall to tell their fascinating stories. Join us for dinner and meet Broadus Bowman whose ancestor, Sgt. Allen Bowman, turned his bayonet into a hoe after the war (sword into plowshare).  David Bridges will explain how a man from Maryland came to fight for the Confederacy. His name became part of an intricate drawing in the house that is dated March 16, 1863, the day before the Battle of Kelly’s Ford.  Ed Kelley finds in his family tree an adventurer, J. Egbert Farnum, who sailed on board the last slave ship in American history.  He goes on to become a Union Regimental Commander who wintered at Brandy Station and added graffiti to the house walls.

The dinner will also serve as the Annual Meeting for the Brandy Station Foundation at which time the membership of the Foundation will be presented with the slate of candidates for the 2008 Board of Directors.  

During the evening, Della Edrington will give a progress report on the Graffiti House Restoration Project. Over the past year, she has administered a grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia that has funded a study by paint conservator Kirsten Travers on the graffiti preservation and an architectural report prepared by the firm of Dalgliesh, Gilpin and Paxton. Learn about what more must be done to preserve the graffiti for the future.

Also, please enjoy all of the local events during this Culpeper Remembrance Weekend. For more information about these events visit  For your convenience, a block of hotel rooms have been reserved for the weekend. Contact Della Edrington at 540-825-4543.

Cost:                     $25.00 for roast beef dinner, vegetarian selection available.  Cash Bar & Wine.
                             Please RSVP by April 9

 When & Where:     6:30 PM to midnight
                             Brandy Station Fire Volunteer Fire Department Hall, 19601,  Church Rd.

Names (s) _______________________________________________________________________

Please reserve _______ seats @ $25 per seat.  I am enclosing a check for the full amount or

charge my credit card # _______________________________    VISA   (Circle one)   MasterCard 

I would like to make an additional contribution to the Graffiti House Restoration Fund for $______

Mail reservation request to; P.O. Box 165, Brandy Station, Virginia 22714
or, if using credit card, you man email the information to us.

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