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Graffiti House Featured on Fox 5 News


On Sunday, Jan. 21, the historic Graffiti house gained regional attention when it was featured on Washington D.C.'s Fox 5 News Station during its 10 p.m. broadcast.  Reporter Patty Culhane visited the house earlier that day along with a camera crew and shot footage of the aging structure.  Fox 5 received word that the artwork on the walls of the Graffiti House was slowly crumbling to the ground after reading The Culpeper Times' article on the house earlier in January.

Della Edrington, volunteer coordinator for the Brandy Station Foundation, and Bob Luddy, President of the Brandy Station Foundation were both featured during the segment.

The Brandy Station Foundation is a local non-profit organization which protects the Brandy Station area of Culpeper, including the historic battlefield and its surroundings. The Graffiti House currently serves as the foundation's visitorís center.

"It is so great how this story has spread," said Edrington. "The house needs all the recognition it can receive."  Edrington commented that the Fox 5 crew recorded at the house for a little over 40 minutes, but cut down the segment featured to about two minutes.  "We were very pleased with how it turned out," said Edrington.

Although the report on the historic treasure has already been shown, those interested can watch the segment on Fox 5's website.

-Hilary Lewis, The Culpeper Times, Jan 25

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