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On January 24TH 2007, Bob Jones, Helen Geisler and Della Edrington delivered the final payment for the one-acre lot across the street from the Graffiti House to John Bossong at the Highway Safety Supply Inc. The Brandy Station Foundation purchased the property in 2003. Since then, the Foundation has delivered a monthly check to John for $670.50. Including interest payments, the property cost the Foundation $32,184.00

BSF Treasurer, Bob Jones, noted that the final payment due was $670.49, but to the amazement of all at hand, Bob wrote a check for the entire monthly amount of $670.50. As Treasurer, Mr. Jones has always been so careful to protect our financial assets. It was certainly a rare sight to see Bob splurge a penny that day!

The Brandy Station Foundation would like to thank volunteer Helen Geisler for her efforts to obtain this property for the organization. Without her foresight, we would now be looking at a field covered in rental storage units instead of living history demonstrations on this property.



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