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Reenactment of Buford's Attack at Beverly's Ford
June 7, 2008

The Brandy Station Foundation is pleased to announce an authentic re-creation of General John Buford's attack across the Rappahannock River at Beverly's Ford, 9 June, 1863, engaging The Confederate Cavalry forces commanded by General JEB Stuart.  This was the opening engagement of the Battle of Brandy Station

This event will be held on the original battlefield.  We have a truly wonderful plan in place, and are working with the Cavalry re-enactors from many various groups to present what can only be described as a first rate re-creation of the events of that fateful day. Whether participant or spectator, plan to join with us to enjoy an exciting time.

So ... mark your calendar and stay tuned to this site.  More information will be posted as it becomes available.

All proceeds from the event have been graciously donated to The Brandy Station Foundation by the participants.  There will be a full disclosure of accounting posted on this website as soon as practical and after the dust settles. We strongly believe in full financial disclosure, and that both participant and spectator alike should be able to review this information.

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