The Battle of Cedar Mountain - August 9, 1862

Stonewall Jackson, with 22,000 men, formed a line of battle at Cedar Mountain. The 12,000 Federals, under Nathaniel Banks gained an early advantage against Jackson. It was the only battle in which Stonewall Jackson attempted to draw his sword and lead his troops by example. Swayed by his personal involvement, Jackson later asserted that Cedar Mountain was the most successful of his exploits. A confederate counterattack, lead by Culpeper native, A. P. Hill, repulsed the Federals and won the day. Over 3,500 men were killed or wounded that day, during the deadliest day in Culpeperís history.

The Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield (FCMB) is a new organization dedicated to working with the local community to protect, restore, manage, and interpret the Cedar Mountain Civil War Battlefield in Culpeper County. They have launched an ambitious project to restore the 152-acres of the Civil War Preservation Trustís Cedar Mountain Battlefield Park to its historical landscape. Volunteers are needed to help with this project.

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